Technology and Plumbing: How This Lawyer Sees a Connection

Technology has changed the way of life in so many ways. Today, even the most difficult job can be made easy because of the significant technological advancement. The advancement in technology is best observed through the different gadgets we have right now. I am a working mom and I have two children. Both of them are on the secondary level and whenever there are new mobile phones in the market, they can’t help but purchase them. Well, I cannot blame them as today’s generations are on the techy-stuff. I must admit that these gadgets are quite expensive and sometimes I don’t want them to purchase those gadgets because I feel like it is just a waste of money.

I can only give them advice but the decision is still up to them because they have their own money. I am a lawyer and my husband passed away three years ago and my children have trust funds. They receive their monthly allowance and my salary is basically for myself. My husband was very good at budgeting. He worked hard day and night. He said that he wants us to live a comfortable life even if he is no longer around. I am such a lucky woman for having a wonderful and loving husband.

Well, going back to the technology stuff, I was influenced by my daughter to purchase a water-proof phone. I must admit, I am a bit careless with my stuff. I don’t even remember how many times I replaced my phone because it got soaked in water. I gave in to the idea of buying a water-proof phone. It is expensive because it is manufactured by one of the trusted names in the technology industry. Although it is expensive, I don’t mind paying for the price because it gives me the best value for my money.

Modern Plumbing

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One day, as I was doing my thing in the bathroom I accidentally dropped my phone. I even flushed the toilet not knowing that my phone was right down there. What I did was I immediately called for an Anniston plumbing company. I can’t afford to lose my phone and the more I can’t afford to have a clogged toilet. It only took 30 minutes for the plumber to arrive to my house and save my phone just right on time. It was such a big relief! Thank God I was able to contact the best Anniston and Oxford plumbing company in our area.

So you see, technology has been entirely embraced by everyone in the society, from us, the lawyers who have are old but have to keep up with the challenges of technology, to the plumbing industry who can solve plumbing problems in far less time than ancient times would have permitted.

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