Lawyers Help Out Real Estate Property Owner Victimized By Water Damage Due To Plumbing Company Negligence

Not a lot of people are aware that one can file a case against construction companies, installation companies, plumbing companies or even real estate companies. This can be done if by any chance you end up buying a house that is promised to be of great quality but is actually substandard.

In fact, one event that proved this was when a housing development organization hired a construction company to build a few houses that was meant for charity. It also hired a plumbing company to deal with the water and plumbing system of the houses to be more cost efficient and safe. The deal between companies incorporated a 1-year express guarantee against imperfections in materials and workmanship.

Everything was going fine until at the point, when the property holder, got a much higher than normal water charge. Despite other families living in the homes that was built, the charity was responsible for paying the bills as it was part of the promise to the charity holders. They first thought this was because of just the increase of families in the area. However, the property holder’s next water charge was again much higher, causing him to think that there was a leak somewhere.

The development organization uncovered the water line and found that the principle water line had broken from a coupling, making a crevice through which water was getting away. The water went underneath the establishment chunk of the house and brought on hurling, which brought about splits in the dividers and uneven entryways.

The property holder sued the companies involved during the construction and installation because of their negligence.